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Want to add some personality to your ride? Tired of nosey passers-by peeping into your car? Desire to block UV rays to prevent cracking dashboards and fading upholstery? Well, it’s time to get in touch with Ceramic Pro San Rafael for the best window tint services!

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, tinted windows also offer a safer driving experience by minimizing direct sunshine and nighttime glare. Furthermore, window tints offer a cool interior to keep you comfortable in summer and protect your child’s eyes from UV rays. Not forgetting the energy savings. When your car is cool, the AC doesn’t work too hard to blow cold air, reducing fuel consumption.

While you might enjoy all these benefits of window tints, not all are the same! You can only trust the ones we install at Ceramic Pro San Rafael. Our window tint specialists are not only qualified and trained but also vastly experienced and extensively knowledgeable. From the time you step into our studio to the time you leave, we treat you with the utmost respect you deserve.

Our friendly staff takes their time to explain the different options available for your car as these multi-layered polyester installations differ in color, light access, and heat control. Our window tint products provide exceptional performance and superior quality to enhance your driving experience. Some of the window tinting San Rafael CA options available at our studio include;

Ceramic Coating Kavaca

Ceramic pro Kavaca Window Tint

Ceramic Pro is the trendsetter in vehicle surface protection. KAVACA Window Film is engineered with nano ceramic particles and infrared blocking materials, which keeps up to 96% of heat producing IR rays from entering your vehicle. Additional proprietary technology ensures zero signal interference, with superior clarity, available in multiple VLTs – each backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

KAVACA Window Films have been designed and tested with extensive research to give you the top looks and performance. Each automotive window tint is manufactured with superior-quality materials, integrates the latest technology, and assembled with the highest quality control standards.

Deciding to add tint to your car windows can be a great but you have to be careful who you choose to do the installation and what products they use. A bad window tint job can be a nightmare. Using quality tint film is crucial to a good tinting. Having an experienced window tinting expert is just as important. 

We only use Ceramic Pro film, the best automotive window tint film on the market. We help you select the right grade of auto tint for your car. We make sure all surfaces are perfectly clean and there is no dust in the air. We laser cut every piece of window film and then hand trim them to make sure they are a perfect fit. We install each piece by hand making sure each car window tinting job is done just right. And we guarantee our work! 

You can also check out our Paint Protection Film San Rafael CA and Ceramic Coating San Rafael CA page for more info.

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